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Current Issue : Volume: 13 Issue: 4 2023

Research Article

 Page no: 1 - 7

River Valleys and Water Bodies in the Cosmos of the Idu Mishmis of Arunachal Pradesh

Dr. Razzeko Delley

This paper highlights the cultural meanings of water and water bodies in the cultural canvas of the Idu Mishmi people of Arunachal Pradesh, India. We narrate stories from Idu Mishm...

Research Article

 Page no: 8 - 20

Beyond Gender Division: The Militarization of Feminism in George Bernard Shaw's Saint Joan

Ienas Talib Naseef

Generally, feminist studies show significant associations between patriarchy, militarization, and gender inequality. Historically, males control and marginalization of women from p...

Research Article

 Page no: 21 - 28

The Role of Banking Compliance to Reduce Risks to Run

Hind Hatem Ali

The importance of operational risks increases with the increase in technological development, the development of banking operations, the extent of banking compliance, and the attem...

Research Article

 Page no: 29 - 41

Effectiveness of Modern Teaching Methods in Improving English Language Proficiency: An Empirical Analysis

Hanadi K. Abboud, Abdul Majeed Salman, Ahmed Mohammed Hassan

Presenting new methodologies in study halls can possibly progress training as well as resident strengthening, government effectiveness, and public energy for arriving at the human ...

Research Article

 Page no: 42 - 45

Clustering Tiny Tales

Ankita Nandy, Anahit Tahmasyan Bal

Social media gives its users an open space to express themselves, which becomes the fodder for numerous research works aimed at understanding the opinion, behavior, and attitudes o...

Research Article

 Page no: 46 - 61

Impact of Strategic Orientation on Aility Management, Descriptive Analytical Research in the Iraqi Ministry of Education

Abdul Hakim Daham Khalaf, Dr. Salah Abdul Qader Ahmed

The research aimed to test the impact of the strategic orientation of the leadership of the Ministry of Education in improving Agility management, as the research problem was cryst...

Research Article

 Page no: 62 - 67

Nature vs. Nurture in Borderline Personality Disorder: Investigating the Role of Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Comprehensive Literature Review

Heer Chintan Patel, Jaden Isabella Mascarenhas

With a focus on the significance of childhood sexual abuse, this extensive literature review explores the complex interplay between nature and nurture in the context of borderline ...

Research Article

 Page no: 68 - 80

The Effect of Mediator Teaching Strategy (M.I.T) in the Productive Thinking of Fourth Grade Student in Chemistry Subject

Dr. Ahmed Laibi Hussein Al-Tamimi, Israa Naji Kadom

The purpose of the study is to determine how the mediator's approach affects the fourth-grade chemistry students' ability to think critically. In order to clarify the study's objec...

Research Article

 Page no: 81 - 90

The Mediating Effect of Bank Credit Between Monetary Variables and Productive Sectors in Iraq Using the Path Analysis Model

Saif Ali Yahya Hassan, Salah Mahdi Abbas Al-Birmani

The study aimed to measure and analyze the direct and indirect effects of monetary variables (interest rate on bank credit, broad money supply, parallel exchange rate) on non-oil p...

Research Article

 Page no: 92 - 120

Hedging an Efficient Portfolio against Unexpected Inflation Risk : An Applied Research in the Iraq Stock Exchange

Hasanain Faisal Hasan Shoman, Mustafa Muneer Isma'eel

The main objective of this research is to hedge the efficient portfolio of the investor against the unexpected inflation risk and to evaluate the extent of improvement in the quali...

Research Article

 Page no: 121 - 145

A General View of the Status of Ahl al-Bayt in Al-Jami’s Poetry

Prof. (Dr.) Nahi Abdul Ibrahim Nasser Zuhairi, Majid Jasib Malak

Nour al-Din Abu al-Barakat, Abd al-Rahman al-Jami, was one of the famous Sufi poets. He was a Hanafi in the school of thought, and he chose the method (naqsh-bindiyya) in Sufism. ...


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