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Current Issue : Volume: 11 Issue: 4 2021

Research Article

 Page no: 001-020

Organizational Socialization and Its Influence on Organizational Virtuousness by Intermediating Spiritual Capital

Safa Abbas Mohsen Oraibi, Prof Dr Hadeel Kazem Saeed

The aim of the current research is to test the relationship of organizational socialization influence as an influential variable in Organizational Virtuousness as an affected varia...

Research Article

 Page no: 021-049

A Critical Discourse Analysis of Negative Propaganda in Selected American and Chinese Channels: (COVID- 19) as a Case Study

Muhannad Abd Al- Rhda Aubadi, Prof. Abd Al-Kareem Fadhel Gameel

Propaganda has important power as a product of modern media (social media, satellite television, the internet). Those means enhance the fast spread of information, new...

Research Article

 Page no: 050-063

Four Comprehension Strategies of Reciprocal Teaching Enhancing Students' Achievement in Reading Comprehension

Hayfaa Kadhim Mohammed, Afrah Abduljabbar Abdulsahib

This study aims at finding out four comprehension strategies of reciprocal teaching enhancing students’ achievement in reading comprehension. To achieve the aims of the study, nu...

Research Article

 Page no: 064-084

The Role of Green Quality Management and Product Life Cycle Costing in Achieving Competitive Advantage

Durgham Ahmed Abdul Ridha, Prof Dr Manal Jabbar Soror

The principal objective of this study is to demonstrate how green quality management and product life cycle costing may help an organization gain a competitive advantage. Green qua...

Research Article

 Page no: 085-113

An Analysis of Presupposition Triggers in Minny Jackson and Hilly Holbrook Speeches in Kathryn Stockett's Novel “The Help

Dr Zaidoon Abdulrazaq Abboud, Dr Fatima Raheem Abdulhussein, Narjis Audah Rashk

Presupposition is a linguistic tool that can be used in utterances. The aim of using presupposition in utterance is to enhance the comprehension of what is being communicated. The ...

Research Article

 Page no: 114-128

The Impact of the Quality of Human Resource Practices on E-Governance : Analytical Research in the Office of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scie...

Sinan Fadel Hamad, Prof Dr Ali Hassoun Fandy Al-Taie

The current research aims to test the relationship of the impact of the quality of human resource practices on e-governance in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Resea...

Research Article

 Page no: 129-140

The Role of Green Kaizen in Productivity Enhancement

Rafal Shakir Salloom, Prof. Dr. Manal Jabbar Sorour

The world is moving towards greening business in general and production systems in particular. At the same time, economic units seek to enhance their productivity and find any vari...

Research Article

 Page no: 141-160

Analysis of the Sustainable Value Chain and its Role in Reducing Quality Costs

Bassem Muhammed Hussain, Prof. Dr. Manal Jabbar Sorour

Contemporary developments in various sciences and the impact of technological changes require an integrated vision of the activities and work of the organization in Iraq in light o...

Research Article

 Page no: 161-169

The Impact of Youtube on Iraqi EFL Learners’ Academic Achievements in the Islamic University of Diwaiyah: A Critical Essay

Dr Ali Jabal Alwan, Abdullah Najim Abd Al Khanaifsawy

The present essay aims at investigating the effects of the educational videos on the college students’ academic achievements. The present paper came after checking the students...

Research Article

 Page no: 170-186

The Role of The Iraqi Artist in Embodying the Environment of The Iraqi Marshes in His Drawings

Mahmoud Hussein Abdul Rahman Hussein

The studies are concerned with the heritage of the marshes environment due to its importance and its material, historical, geographic, political, humanitarian, artistic and moral v...

Research Article

 Page no: 187-207

The Challenges of the Circular Economy in Accounting Concepts and Applications and Possible Solutions

Nawal Harbi Radhi, Dr Mohammed Abdullah Ibraheem

The aim of the research is to clarify the most important challenges faced by the adoption of the circular economy (CE) in accounting concepts and applications, and the possibility ...

Research Article

 Page no: 208-230

Importance of the Sustainable Product Life Cycle to Achieving Competitive Advantage

Sarmad Salman Daoim, Dr Majeed A Hatif

This research aims to shed light on the product life cycle technology in terms of sustainability and its importance to achieving competitive advantage. A picture of the product cha...

Research Article

 Page no: 231-246

Language of Feminine Consciousness A reading of the Novel (The Beloveds “Al-Muhboubat”) by (Aliyah Mamdouh)

Dr. Maha Farouk Abdul Qader Al-Hindawi

This research is an attempt to reveal the manifestations of (Homosexuality), which is any attitude, deed or language issued by both men and women that says the inferiority of the f...


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